April 23, 2023

National Gallery of Art Engagement Photos

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I was thrilled when Juliana and Amir contacted me to take their engagement photos! Juliana’s initial inquiry said she wanted “vintage inspired photos at a museum”. How iconic. As a DC based photographer, I thought the National Gallery of Art would provide the perfect backdrop for their love story and match her vision perfectly. If I had to describe how this session turned out with one sentence it would be, “Old money vibes with modern flair”. I just love that!!

We carefully planned the timing of their photo session for a Monday afternoon, in hopes of avoiding crowds and capture the soft, warm light that filters through the gallery’s skylights. Unfortunately, I overlooked the fact that our session happened the first Monday of Spring Break (doh!) so parking was a bit hectic – but nevertheless, our time in the museum was wonderful!

As we began shooting, it was clear that Juliana and Amir were a perfect match with the best style. Their stunning choice in outfits truly helped bring her original vision to life.

We started in the West Building, strolling casually and enjoying the indoor garden courts and bubbling fountains with gorgeous marble carved status. The couple danced, strolled, and snuggled up next to some of the most stunning architecture.

As we continued our session throughout the West Building, we enjoyed some beautiful paintings, and the Rotunda where the grand black marble columns and soaring ceiling provided an impressive setting for their formal shots.

As their engagement session continued, it was evident that Julian and Amir were comfortable in front of the camera and crowds, and very much enjoying their time with each other. I was able to step back and document some wonderfully candid images of them as they relished in these precious moments and each others company. In all honesty, this is always my favorite part of sessions. I love being able to see the way couples interact with each other in their natural state.

vintage inspired engagement fashion | National Gallery of Art engagement photos

As we ventured from the West Building to the East Building, we were able to enjoy the stunning Mulitverse installation that covers the underground concourse between the locations. This is absolutely a must see.

National Gallery of Art engagement photos | DC wedding photographer

The East Building unique architecture and intricate design of the space provided the perfect backdrop for their candid shots, capturing their natural chemistry and joyfulness. Here we enjoyed some modern artwork and architecture, as well as the museum’s epic rooftop Blue Rooster that overlooks the city.

National Gallery of Art engagement photos | DC wedding photographer

Throughout the session, Juliana and Amir were easy to work with, dressed impeccably in classic and timeless attire that complemented the gallery’s surroundings. As a photographer, I was inspired by their love and the beautiful setting, and I am proud of the stunning photos that we created together.

Their National Gallery of Art engagement photos will forever serve as a reminder of this special time in their lives, and I am honored to have played a small part in capturing those precious memories for them.

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