Modern and poetic wedding photography that portrays you effortlessly on digital & film.

I am a digital and film wedding photographer based out of Maryland. I am nestled between Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland. I happily service the entire DMV, and anywhere your love takes you.

I am passionate about clients who value the experience; those who hold simple moments close to heart, those who appreciate the art of human connection, and those who value photos they can hold in hand

I am inspired by film and am proud to include it in all of my packages. I started my photography journey with a film photography and darkroom course my senior year of college - so working with it always feels like returning to my roots. I have a wide array of 35mm and Polaroid cameras that may make an appearance at your session.

Our session together - be it a proposal, engagement, or wedding - will be rooted in small moments and natural interactions between you and your partner. I strive to create an environment where you both feel safe peeling back a layer and exposing your true self. Nothing brings me more joy than when my clients can laugh from their belly and walk away from our session thinking it was a fun experience.







I LOVE simplicity and honest intentions in photography. I want to photograph your love and life exactly as they are. I use a "guided documentary" approach focused on minimal prompting, and maximum observation.

I approach photography with the mindset that I am creating sentimental heirlooms for you and your loved ones. I will document your story with love and artistry. Your images will feel REAL while still feeling dreamy.

Emotions are the baseline of my photography. I strive to tell your love story through creative imagery that will elict nostalgic, dreamy, heartfelt emotions every time you view them.

 My approach
to documenting your story...

About me

I am Filipina, a former ballerina, a veteran, and a lover of art.
I was born in Idaho.

Sushi, pasta, seafood, dim sum, Thai food, macaroons, Italian food, shawarma, french fries, huckleberry ice cream, and mangoes. I am a massive foodie at heart and love learning about new cultures through their cuisine.

Favorite Foods

Harry Potter, Will and Grace, Gilmore Girls,The Summer I Turned Pretty, Bridgerton.

Favorite Shows

Skin care, gel nails, a good audiobook,  binging a TV show while editing, or ordering take out.

favorite self care

Things i love

Wedding Edition

+ Romantic, intentional, and fun loving couples
+ Extended cocktail hours that allow you to mingle with all your guests and have time for the newlywed portraits you want
+ When you focus on being present to enjoy your day
+ Film and flash photos
+ Getting down on a packed dance floor with you
+ When you trust my photography vision to document your day
+ Freely mingling with your friends and family throughout the day in order to document their stories as well
+ Lived in, imperfect details

to have
& to hold